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What's New in the Circular Economy for Fashion

Bard MBA Advisor Carrie Phillips recently co-hosted this webinar with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The session includes guest panelists from several cutting edge companies pioneering business models for the circular economy in the fashion industry. This webinar is a must watch for CE practitioners.

About the Author

Eban Goodstein

Eban Goodstein

Director Eban Goodstein is the Director of the Bard MBA in Sustainability and Bard Center for Environmental Policy programs. He founded The Impact Report in 2013 as Sustainable Business Fridays—originally a dial-in conversation series—as an opportunity for Bard MBA student to engage with sustainability leaders they admire and has overseen it’s transition to a podcast. He is also the host of the Center for Environmental Policy’s National Climate Seminar—a monthly webinar where policy graduate students engage with climate scientists and leaders from around the world.