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In October, 2020, the Bard MBA was proud to sponsor Be Social Change's Anti-Racist Business Virtual Summit. Participants learned from founders, leaders, and racial justice experts about what it means to be an anti-racist company. The presenters also focused on how businesses of all sizes can create and support diverse, inclusive, and equitable organizations.

Watch Bard's director, Eban Goodstein, and faculty members Kristina Kohl and Jorge Fontanez, discuss what it means to be an anti-racist company:


Watch Bard alumni, Bernell Grier, Emily Robichaux, and Sarah Rose Bodley, discuss the challenges of racial justice in business:


You can view the complete set of conversations about how to build anti-racist businesses here. 

Learn more about how Bard's MBA in Sustainability is challenging conventional thinking by downloading "The MBA of the Future: What to Look for in a Cutting Edge Business School".

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