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Environmental Education Programs: The Key to a Sustainable Future

We know you. We know that you are striving, day in and day out to be the change you want to see in the world. You care about the well-being and future of the environment, and you want to protect it for this generation and the generations to come.

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But right now, the job you have is just not fulfilling. You got your undergraduate degree, and have since been spending your time on noble pursuits — but you want more! Being a contributor is not enough. You want to be a leader, an innovator, pioneering the future of sustainability and eco-minded practice through education and through concrete action.

We hear you, and we have something for you. At Bard's Graduate Programs in Sustainability, our Master’s in Environmental Education (M.Ed) program is the perfect next step toward achieving your goals. The program prepares educators to create an informed and engaged citizenry supporting progress toward a just, prosperous, and sustainable future.

Students do not just learn how to effectively communicate and educate others about environmental science and sustainability but also gain real-world experience through field-based courses and high-level professional internships.

Not sure the M.Ed path is right for you? Read on to learn how the ability to educate and inspire is at the heart of any career path in sustainability, inside or outside the classroom.

Education and eco-minded entrepreneurs

Finding jobs for people who love the outdoors really depends on where you live. So, maybe you’ve always dreamed of integrating outdoor education and sustainability into your plan for a small business. You want to launch a ropes course program that offers local children the chance to spend time outdoors and learn about the environment and teamwork while having lots of fun. Or, you want to start a 100% eco-friendly juice and smoothie bar that hosts educational workshops on the environment and sponsors local environmental efforts. Or, you want to start a small company that provides guided camping and hiking trips for corporations looking for an unconventional company retreat. How will you contribute? How can you make the world more sustainable through your small business idea?

No matter what form your entrepreneurial vision takes, the ability to establish your presence as a small business, your ability to effectively lead your team of sustainable warriors, and your ability to attract investors and consumers depends on your ability to educate and inspire. The Bard M.Ed program outfits you with the communication tools, the real-world experience in high-level internships, and the scientific background you need to translate your passion for sustainability into a successful, mission-driven small business. And, you have access to the entrepreneurship courses in Bard’s MBA in Sustainability program to add to your education and leadership skillset.

Alternately,  those looking to have a positive impact through non-profit community-based work, need entrepreneurial skills as well. Non-profits often need a revenue-generating arm to reduce the pressure on fundraising and keep their organization afloat. The Bard M.Ed. gives you the educational and leadership skills to lead your organization AND the business skills to sustain it.

The benefits of environmental education for future generations

While the world needs eco-minded entrepreneurs to enrich our communities, we also must have educators and leaders who dedicate themselves to the next generation. Environmental education is needed to help debunk harmful myths about climate change, sure, but also to answer questions like, "How bad is global warming?" and instill the tools required to make needed change.

Think about that one field trip you took to a farm or nature center as an elementary student. Do you remember the presentation you were given? Was it informative and inspiring? Obviously, you’ve developed or perhaps always had a passion for sustainability, but for many kids, these types of school or family trips may be their only opportunity to be captivated by a vision for a better, more sustainable future that protects our natural environment.

Museums, after-school programs, government land management agencies, conservation organizations, and environmental education centers all need inspired, passionate educators who can translate their scientific expertise and love for kids into engaging expeditions and presentations.

The Bard M.Ed program provides you with all the support, resources, and intensive academic education that you need to become an effective teacher and leader for the next generation. We provide field experience that shows you how to lead place-based education. We teach you how to develop curricula and lesson plans. And of course, we give you rigorous academic training so that your passion for sustainability is founded on the latest scientific evidence.

The future needs people who have been formed to think in sustainable terms. Through the formation of the Bard M.Ed program, you can be that crucial link between the children of today and the sustainable and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Education and Today’s Business Community

Our approach to sustainability must be multifaceted in order to be successful. We’ve talked about ways that our global community needs eco-minded entrepreneurs and passionate educators for the next generation. However, our environment cannot wait until then. We need thought leaders and educators who are willing to jump into today’s business community and help businesses incorporate sustainability practices into their short-term and long-term goals.

Sixty-six percent of executives know that sustainability is important to shareholder value long-term, and more and more companies understand that sustainability practices can actually drive profits. As businesses begin to understand that sustainability is good for both the economy and the environment, people with a background in environmental education are well-poised to help businesses move toward a greener future. Graduates of our Bard M.Ed program can make a powerful and lasting impact as consultants for today’s businesses.

Closing Thoughts: Environmental Educators Wanted

The future needs a new kind of educator, one that understands that learning takes place at every level of society: in the classroom, in the farmyard, in the entrepreneurial community, and in the boardroom. The future needs people who can integrate teaching and communication skills with passion and knowledge of environmental science. Want to be one of these educators that helps create a more just, prosperous, and sustainable future? Start with your environmental education degree at Bard College.

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About the Author

Katie Boyle

Katie Boyle

Katie Boyle is the Enrollment and Marketing Director for the Bard MBA in Sustainability program and Bard Center for Environmental Policy. In this role, she oversees the marketing and brand management for The Impact Report podcast. She also manages recruiting, admissions, and enrollment for both programs as well marketing and advertising campaigns.