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MBA of the Future: What to Look for in a Cutting-Edge Business School

When was the last time you stepped back to consider the future of sustainability?

If you are passionate about the health of the planet, this may be an easy question to answer: you’re thinking about the future of sustainability all the time! But here’s a more difficult question.

When was the last time you considered the relationship between today’s businesses and the sustainable future you’re hoping for?

Traditional ways of thinking about the bottom line, a lack of knowledge about sustainable management, and an emphasis on short-term gains are crippling the business leaders of today and creating boundless opportunities for smart, young, business-savvy, sustainability gurus whose skills are now desperately needed.

We define sustainability as "shared well-being on a healthy planet."

This vision for the future and our passion for sustainability stand at the heart of our MBA program. Our dedication and commitment to mission-driven business leaders who work to solve social and environmental challenges is the reason why we created a cutting-edge, 21st century business education program.

We invite you to consider the current state of sustainability efforts, the role of business in needed social change, and the importance of a new type of business education in our latest digital resource, The MBA of the Future, What to Look for in a Cutting-Edge Business School.

This resource will help you understand the importance of a well-rounded MBA curriculum, the significance of experiential learning during graduate school, and what it looks like to be career focused while getting your MBA degree.

We’ll cover the following themes:

  • The state of sustainability in 2018
  • Areas where business are stepping up to be forces for social good
  • What a cutting-edge MBA program should be emphasizing
  • What getting your MBA in Sustainability could look like

We invite you to start your journey towards an MBA in Sustainability today! If you have any questions regarding Bard’s MBA in Sustainability, please be sure to reach out to our admissions team.

What should you look for in a cutting-edge MBA program? We invite you explore our digital resource page to think deeply

about how an MBA in Sustainability could transform your future.

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About the Author

Katie Boyle

Katie Boyle

Katie Boyle is the Enrollment and Marketing Director for the Bard MBA in Sustainability program and Bard Center for Environmental Policy. In this role, she oversees the marketing and brand management for The Impact Report podcast. She also manages recruiting, admissions, and enrollment for both programs as well marketing and advertising campaigns.