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Inspiring Middle and High School Events

National Wildlife Federation

New York, NY

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Format: In-Person Event

Age Group: students, teachers, and community members from public middle and high schools

Subject Area or Theme: Environmental Conservation and Coastal Protection

Description: The National Wildlife Federation organized a remarkable event in New York, bringing together over 150 students, teachers, and community members from 7 public middle and high schools. Over the course of 4 days, participants worked alongside each other and community organizations to plant 15,600 beach grass culms in Coney Island Creek, Brooklyn. The collective effort aimed at stabilizing the dunes to protect nearby homes from coastal flooding and erosion. This event showcased the power of community collaboration and highlighted the importance of environmental conservation and coastal protection.

JHS 217 Q. Robert A. Van Wyck. The Green Magnet School for Career Exploration 

Jamaica, New York 

Format: In-person Event

Age Group: Students, teachers, and staff from JHS 217Q

Subject Area or Theme: Climate Week - Climate Change Awareness and Environmental Action

Description: The Green Magnet School for Career Exploration celebrated an enriching Climate Week from March 27th to March 31st, engaging nearly 1,500 attendees in various thought-provoking activities.

Throughout the week, students and staff participated in a wide range of activities. On Monday, a comprehensive schoolwide lesson on Climate Change and Zero Waste took place. Tuesday was dedicated to the Nature as Art Day lesson, encouraging students to explore and express their connection with nature through art across multiple classes. Wednesday became "Wear Something Green" day, where participants expressed their support for the environment by donning green attire instead of their regular uniforms. Thursday featured "Reusable Bottle Day". The week culminated on Friday with Earth Hour observed from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. During this time, all electronics were turned off, and students conscientiously switched off or dimmed their classroom lights and phones, collectively contributing to energy conservation.

Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School 

New York City, NY

Format: In-person event/#MakeClimateAClass

Age Group: Students, faculty, and staff from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School

Subject Area or Theme: Climate-Themed Spirit Week and Climate Education Initiatives

Description: Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School hosted an inspiring climate-themed spirit week, engaging around 3,000 attendees. Each day featured different dress-up themes representing various climate issues. Morning announcements delivered fast facts and tips to empower students in addressing these pressing concerns.

The event also included a climate fair with five diverse tables run by dedicated volunteers. Funds raised from a bake sale and clothing swap were contributed towards senior dues and donated to the Sierra Club Foundation. The remaining clothing was thoughtfully donated to re-fashioNYC, supporting New Yorkers affected by HIV/AIDS.

Ten student volunteers visited living environment classes, conducting interactive activities using the eco-footprint calculator. Furthermore, an open discussion focused on climate change's impact on mental health and collected perspectives on enhancing sustainability at Laguardia. The student government's environmental representative received this input to drive change and sustainability efforts within the school community.

Montgomery County Public School Youth Climate Summit

Rockville, Maryland

Format: In-person Event

Age Group: Middle and high school students

Subject Area or Theme: Youth Climate Summit

Description: The MCPS Youth Climate Summit in Rockville, Maryland, provided a transformative experience for middle and high school students, empowering them to take climate action. Through engaging plenary speakers and interactive workshops, participants delved into the realities of climate change on a personal level. 

The Summit's highlight was guiding students through the process of crafting their own climate action plans. Mentors provided support and expertise, helping students develop project outlines to implement in their schools or communities. This hands-on approach equipped the attendees with the tools and confidence to lead impactful initiatives addressing climate issues.

Bataan Hills National High School


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Format: In-Person Event/ #MakeClimateAClass

Age Group: High school students

Subject Area or Theme: Climate Solutions and Education

Description: At Batasan Hills National High School, a proactive teacher dedicated a class to discuss climate solutions with their homeroom class, engaging 60 students in the important conversation.

During this impactful session, the teacher facilitated discussions on various climate solutions and encouraged students to think critically about their role in addressing environmental challenges. The class explored actionable steps that individuals can take to contribute to a more sustainable future.