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Bio-Design, Seaweed & Nature-Based Solutions

Roger Bason

CEO and Founder of Atlantic Ocean Aquaculture (AOA)

The goal of Atlantic Ocean Aquaculture (AOA) is scaling production to reduce Ag sector GHGs in the U.S. and abroad.

CEO, Roger Bason was trained in ocean science at Colgate University and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. This included a research cruise to the Galapagos Islands and early seabed measurements of the East Pacific Rise. He is a certified Energy Engineer with experience in ocean energy development in the US and internationally that deployed the first US tidal energy system in New York City’s East River and an innovative wave energy system in Bermuda in cooperation with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science.

Bason was part of an expert team that initiated coral reef recovery efforts in the Republic of the Marshall Islands using innovative BioRock technology in 2010. He developed and directed the U.S. AmeriCorps program on the Island of Hawaii with a focus on sustainable development including projects in reforestation, aquaculture, solar energy and community food forests. 

For the past five years Roger has focused on climate action, installing several offshore seaweed farms and wild seaweed harvests in New England. Present work focuses on the harvest of Asparagopsis in Europe, a red seaweed that reduces methane in cattle when used as a feed supplement. 

 Bard MBA’s Hung Tran speaks with Roger for this episode of the Impact Report.