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Advancing Careers By Redefining Professionalism

Pabel Ramirez

Founder of Plurawl

Pabel Martinez is a native New Yorker, storyteller, and former Tech executive. 

Throughout his career, Pabel struggled balancing two jobs…Tech Employee and Actor.  As an Actor, he would focus on assimilation because he was trained to believe that many parts of his identity were unprofessional. Pabel would dedicate days out of the week to study “white popular American culture” and memorize scripts he would later use for work conversations. He knew that talking about Bad Bunny and shows like Insecure, would not make him relatable. Instead, he would binge-watch seasons of Riverdale since it would help him build relationships with colleagues and senior leaders.  The assimilation became overwhelming, and it was at the expense of his identity & mental health. As a result, Pabel's mission in life became redefining professionalism by empowering authenticity. In 2020, he launched Plurawl to bring this mission to life. 

Bard MBA’s Hector Aguirre speaks with Pabel for this episode of the Impact Report.