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Circularity 19

The Impact Report

This special edition of the Impact Report takes us to GreenBiz Group’s Inaugural Circularity 19 event in Minneapolis!

Circularity 19 was a three-day conference, June 18thto 20th, focusing on the systemic shifts to a circular economy and the trillion-dollar markets therein.  

Through inspirational plenaries, interactive breakouts, networking opportunities and a solutions-focused showcase, Circularity 19 informed and empowered attendees to turn circular economy concepts into profitable opportunities.

Bard MBA alums, Cory Skuldt and Lindsey Strange attended Circularity and spoke with Joel Makower (GreenBiz),Lauren Yarmuth (Ideo), Merijn Dols (Danone)  Jesse Gerstin (Simpliphi Power) and others for this special edition of the Impact Report.