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Growing the Future Through Smart Digital Technology

Molly Brown, PhD

Chief Science Officer, 6th Grain

Dr. Brown has been a Research Scientist at the University of Maryland since 2015, a job she took after leaving NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Molly has two decades of experience in interdisciplinary research using satellite remote sensing data and models with socio-economic and demographic information to better understand food security and agriculture drivers.

6th Grain believes that the direct application of digital technology and science is key to establishing profitable and productive agriculture and food systems. They are a digital agriculture technology company which focuses on transforming farmer-provided data into information that can be used to increase success and uptake in crop protection services, credit provision, and high yielding seeds.

Machine learning, modeling, and sophisticated, composite data are at the heart of their technology platform and sets 6th Grain apart from the competition.  By providing services both to the small farmer and large agribusiness, 6th Grain’s digital agriculture solutions delivers high quality, remote sensing and weather-based information to millions of farmers across the world.

Bard MBA's Camila Leal speaks with Molly for this episode of The Impact Report.