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Canvas is on a Mission to Create a World of Superhealthy People

Sarah Pool

Sarah is the Co-Founder & CEO of Canvas, a healthy beverage company committed to improving individual and global health through functional nutrition and innovative technology applications. Sarah is the former Founder/CEO of Pacific Superfood Snacks, later acquired by Made In Nature. Sarah is a graduate of UC-Berkeley (M.A., B.A.).
Canvas is creating a new category of functional health beverages for improving the microbiome. Utilizing plants and science, our beverages are designed to optimize digestion and overall well-being.

Canvas is driven by a dynamic, intelligent, and passionate team committed to improving individual and global health through functional nutrition, innovative technology applications, and better food systems. Their mission is to create a world of superhealthy people.

Partnering with VX Ventures and InBev, Canvas is using new technology to utilize spent brewers grain in their beverages. This process will prevent billions of pounds of grain from being discarded each year and will provide a nutritious drink option to people worldwide.

Bard MBA Alum Alexander Lykins spoke with Sarah in Fall 2018 about entrepreneurship in the food industry and how upcycling spent brewers grain is a game changer for the industry.